Caleido is Dog Friendly

And we are so proud that we have even created a concept to show it off: Caleidog

Our commercial area is Dog Friendly, allowing dogs under some specific conditions that allow us all to enjoy the visit as much as possible. Keep reading!

General rules

Common areas

Dogs are allowed in common areas and in establishments that allow it


It is forbidden to leave pets inside vehicles parked in the different parking areas


Caleido is not responsible for damages caused by pets.


Pets are not allowed to roam freely in the commercial area. They must be accompanied by their owner, wearing their collar and leash at all times


Animals that, due to their characteristics, may be dangerous to other visitors, must enter Caleido with a muzzle.

Potentially Dangerous Dogs (PDD)

The official list of dog breeds considered dangerous in Spain is established in Royal Decree 287/2002, which develops the Law on the possession of potentially dangerous animals in our country. Specifically, it considers these breeds:

Pit Bull Terrier - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - American Staffordshire Terrier - Rottweiler - Argentine Dogo - Brazilian Fila - Tosa Inu - Akita Inu - Boxer - Bull Terrier - Bullmastiff - Doberman - Canary Dogo - Dogue de Bordeaux - Tibet Doge - Neapolitan mastiff

People who access Caleido with PDD must meet the following requirements:

  • Dogs must be walked on a leash and it cannot be extendable or more than two meters long.
  • Dogs must wear the muzzle suitable for their morphological characteristics.
  • Only one PDD per person may be walked/accompanied.
  • Carriers must have a valid municipal license and identity document.
  • If any visitor refuses to comply with the regulations, the municipal police will be notified to act as the authority to demand compliance with them.

Dog Friendly establishments

Anubis Coctelería
Bareto Madrid (T)
Café Botanique
Five Guys (T)
Grosso Napoletano (T)
Honest Greens
Juan Valdez Café
Juicy Avenue
La Delicería
La Desayunería
La Rollerie
Lateral (T)
Makan Saj
New York Burger (T)
Petit Appetit
Secrets By Farga
Sibuya (T)
Starbucks (T)
Tacos Don Manolito

(T) Dogs only allowed on terrace

Reconfirm with each establishment its pet admission policy

The list of establishments may be modified by the establishments without prior notice. For any questions, you can consult our staff.

689 65 56