Agostino Iacurci, born in Foggia (Italy) in 1986, currently lives in Berlin.

He works in a wide range of media, including painting, mural, sculpture, drawing and installation. He creates immersive spaces to transform the perception of environments. Agostino Iacurci's works have an unmistakable, recognisable and poetic style. Iacurci composes scenes and, despite the clarity of the elements and the synthesis of forms, generates dreamlike images that evoke mystery. The simple, clean, geometric style often plays with opposites: the alternation between emptiness and fullness, division and composition, appearance and disappearance. Human silhouettes also appear, flattened figures enveloped in natural surroundings, undefined atmospheres, eternally suspended in a transitory state that captivates the mind.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Tracing Vitruvio, Musei Civici, Pesaro (2019); Gypsoteca, Galería M77, Milan (2018), Trompe l’oeil, Celaya Brothers Gallery and Mexico City (2017). Since 2009 he has created murals and monumental installations for public and private institutions in the UK, Russia, Mexico, India, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Taiwan.

He received the New York Award 2020.

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